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EpicStitch focused exclusively on the decorated products industry.

It’s that simple. With EpicStitch, your decorative business is more efficient, professional, and profitable. No more comparing threads manually, no more writing down trim sheets or storing them for future orders. With EpicStitch, upload your insignia, visualize the placements, generate trim sheets, send and receive customer approvals all in one go.

EpicStitch is web-based embroidery software that offers industrial strength and an integrated system to the decorated products industry for embroidery, heat transfer, and screen printing.

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Order management

EpicStitch allows you to effortlessly enter designs for each garment and execute orders anytime, anywhere through a real-time order list.

Easily import & organize all of your product catalogs and data effortlessly in minutes.

A simple, robust & flexible purchase order module lets you manage items on order & track your purchases and get the status of items.

Vendor management

Work collaboratively with suppliers and improve efficiency. For example, send approved proofs directly to your vendor for outsourced production.

Search for everything- Look for any client, quotation, or date quickly and easily.

Design mock-ups - Send your customers a direct link to their mock-ups. Automatically show the sizes and colors of items associated with the design.

Design and artwork management

EpicStitch is directed towards helping you to manage your entire production process. Store screen details, ink & thread colors and more.

Auto-generated design, based on customer id and identifies garment specific colourway.

EpicStitch improves productivity and eliminates costly errors. In addition, this solution enhances order detail visibility with its ability to associate image files with each decoration.

Workflow and task Management

Simple high-level workflow to easily manage your jobs and granular task flow to keep staff on-point. Also, trigger automated emails and be proactive.

Add individual studies or collections of functions to create custom workflows.

Simplify job management, and boost communication and operations. For example, upload artwork, add comments, and access updates (send and approve from the customer, send to production).

Production scheduling and tracking

EpicStitch is designed to be used on your production floor and front office. Dynamically schedule jobs based on your shop setup and production types.

Settings and scheduler options are designed for the company's efficient performance.

Store production details and recall them easily for future runs. This allows you to track, set up, run time, and employee productivity for each job.

Aspects of design and development

Data can be recalled in the future or used on future orders by storing details on design and production for any job you run. Never forget how you reran a job!

In terms of actual decoration files, we leave all other competitors behind. Name it, and we have that.

Design notes and the additional file is selecting options for collecting complete information on the order. The 'Copy to all' feature is available for time-saving in bulk orders.

Customer Service

24 / 7 customer support

Is one of the few companies to provide individual care with the essence of a small company with best practices and higher customer satisfaction levels.We have earned the reputation of providing reliable services as partner and service provider of some of the leading companies with long-term support and consistent success.


Easily facilitate the customization of the embroidery product through a simple online order entry process that removes the risk of error and the need for participation in customer service.



We understand that a business needs more than just a technology EpicStitch offers some of the best features curated specially for the needs of the dynamic, growing business requirements.


A step further with industry-specific functionality

Reaching a maximum return on investment is a top priority for any business. Software maintenance from EpicStitch helps achieve that goal that offers your company the ability to benefit from the software's features. new

As they become available, we provide technical support and software maintenance that allows us to do more. We can always help if you need a solution tailored to your business needs.


We recognise the importance of a strong partnership that complements our dedication to supporting our clients' specific needs, especially in the decorated apparel, screen printing, and embroidery industries.

We remain committed to working together with the certified partners to provide "INDUSTRY BEST" solutions that make our software superior -and growth for our customers.

Leading-edge Technology and Truly global

EpicStitch provides users with applications that scale with the growth of your organisation. It offers a comprehensive business management solution, developed as a complete system to meet the critical needs of apparel decorators.

The framework will leverage extensive functional capabilities, including multi-language and multi-company capabilities, if your business spans multiple countries and industries. The only industry-specific business system you will ever need.

Apply necessary automation and Migration of data

Dive into your business, supply chain, and workflow to customise EpicStitch strictly for your shop. It shouldn't be a hassle to migrate the data from your old program into a new system. To get this job done, we have the resources and expertise.

The decision on what data needs to be transferred will be affected by many factors: the system from which you are moving, the configuration of the table, the size of the files, etc. So, first, let us format and import your existing customers and other matrices!

Enhanced user experience and Intensive Training

Not all users are created equal, nor do all users work the same way. We recognise that, which is why to customise and personalise their experience, EpicStitch provides an intuitive user interface and simplified menu structure.

Each shop is different. We'll craft a training schedule that works for your team. Multiple training sessions with each department to get your team on the same page and how to use EpicStitch correctly.

Comprehensive Capabilities and Customization

Providing business solutions for growing and changing companies takes more technology than just the latest excellent user interface. It includes features and capabilities unique to the industry found in EpicStitch.

We understand that most organizations have unique business practices that separate them from other businesses. However, we can help you meet your goals by putting the right tools in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before we begin educating individuals in their use of EpicStitch, we partner closely with our clients to incorporate the solution. Our years of decorated apparel industry experience decrease your risk, increases the pace of execution, and enhances outcomes.

an EpicStitch trainer will be on hand. Depending on the total number of users, optional modules installed, and your business's complexity, the number of days for training can differ.

To get this job done, we have the resources and expertise. The decision on what data needs to be transferred will be affected by many factors: the system from which you are moving, the configuration of the table, the size of the files, etc. To decide what approach would work best for your company, talk to your EpicStitch software representative.

We can help if you need a solution tailored to your business needs. We will help you achieve your goals by putting the right instruments in your hands by building on EpicStitch's core kit.

EpicStitch's software maintenance helps accomplish companies with a subscription-based service that allows the business the opportunity to benefit from the software's new features and capabilities as they become available.

Flexible service plans provide you with a solution that fits your requirements. Online assistance is also accessible via the Customer Web Site, where you can access training videos from our knowledge base and help desk ticketing system.

Custom Workflow For Each Decoration Method.

Adaptable business management software.

EpicStitch offers a comprehensive set of functional capabilities to customize without the penalties commonly experienced with other software providers.

Group order into a single purchase order, and whatever your decoration method is, EpicStitch can handle the workflow that comes with it.

It's easy to set up and configured to notify customers when orders hit key workflow stages. EpicStitch quotes are a fast and flexible way to satisfy your customers.


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EpicStitch is a scalable business management software for the apparel decorating and promotional products industries.

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