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“A dream does not become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work” - Colin Powell.

We at Civa.Tech believes that hard work is the only way up. We provide business process solutions to a wide portfolio of clients in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, communications, media and entertainment, energy, transportation, and consumer and retail industries. Our success and sustained growth are derived from our commitment to our customers.

Like the companies we serve, our teams are based in Asia, Europe, and the USA, making us available round the clock to support your needs.

We deliver fast and innovative solutions to our customers making businesses efficient, effortless, and generate astronomical growth.

EpicStitch, an enhanced embroidery tool with high productivity and all advanced embroidery design features. It has unique and exclusive features that are specifically customized for experienced designers, business owners, training institutes, embroidery shops, and fashion designers for stitch effects and decorative equipment.


Opportunities and potential benefits of EpicStitch

We help to grow your business.
Real-time inventory control
Minimizing the time for process and order delivery.
Real-time inter-department communication.
Minimizing production cost
Decrease operational expenses
Boost employee morale
Help you to assure exceptional service for your customers.

Eliminate manual processes and dual data entry
Increase picking and inventory accuracy
Hassle-free order management.
Enhance supplier relationships
Systematic order tracking and status management
We are revamping machine and labor productivity.
Locate products quickly
Secure user-logins for accountability
Paperless ability to access details about orders
Identify fulfillment difficulties before they become client issues.
Eliminates quality issues.
It helps to minimize the preparation time in half.