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Embroidery work is an alluring art form that can be applied to clothing, accessories, jewellery, and numerous other items. It is one of the most fascinating kinds of art and offers a unique opportunity to convey a gift to someone special. Epic Stitch ensures you will be satisfied with thoughtful but captivating presents.

We offer some fantastic screen printing and embroidery designs that elevate your idea about embroidery designs. Temecula Embroidery and Screen-Printing Services may include Silk screening, digital garment printing, sublimation, and corporate clothes services.

So, how can we leverage our exclusive patterns to help you find the best embroidery gift ideas this holiday season?

Simple Embroidery gift ideas for your loved ones.


You can give someone a variety of clothing items, the most common of which are tees, shirts, and footwear. And what better way to show someone how much they mean to you than through an item they wear regularly? We meticulously embroider unique logos and graphics from head to toe to make your gift recipient happy.

Not only clothes but white trainers, sweaters, pants and many other items can be embroidered.


It may seem simple, but hair clips are an excellent choice for embroidery gifts! Embroidery designs with tiny floral designs may elevate its beauty altogether.

This is a simple and enjoyable present, especially for women who love to have unique hair clips in their collection. It could be a small, beautiful accessory that could add to your loved ones' outfits. 


Onesies and baby socks make excellent baby shower and infant party gifts. We can conveniently have a design of your choice on the baby's outfit if you have a unique child in mind. 

You may also adorn your home with embroidered decor to create an antique yet rich interior appearance. Ribbon flowers and hoop sets are also great alternatives for large family gifts.


A throw pillow case is ideal for personalizing their home decor.

Throw Pillows are often smaller, and because no one sleeps on them, it's OK to use a thick design thread with embroidery. Pillows featuring monograms or personalized sayings are popular these days.



Along with clothing, bags are another gift option with practically endless possibilities. You may personalize a tote bag, a duffel bag, or even a smaller bag like a makeup bag or coin purse with embroidery.

Customize any bag for a loved one with whichever design you believe they will enjoy. 

This present is ideal for small kids because you may embroider their name or monogram on a backpack, or even for younger children, a diaper bag would be a good idea.


Another simple embroidery gift idea is blankets that can be used daily. Why not include a few snowflakes if your recipient was born in the winter? If it's for a summer wedding, you can consist of some sun or beach waves too.

The beautiful thing about blankets is that each one has its own pattern. This may be a perfect gift for your old loved ones.


Why choose Epicstitch for embroidery and screen printing? We are the best in the market and prioritize your needs before anything else. We aim to get the desired design or style in your preferred colours. Also, Pricing is determined by the number of stitches used and the type of fabric we work on, which can be easily customized according to your budget. Allow a team that has been in business for years and knows its work. Choose Epicstich for your customized embroidery needs.