Order management

EpicStitch allows sales reps to effortlessly enter designs and other decorated information for each garment and execute orders anytime, anywhere. It shows the real-time order list and will get a quick snapshot of the order id, designs, etc.

Catalog- Easily import & centralize all of your product catalogs in minutes. Organize all of your product data effortlessly & find the products you need quickly

Purchase order- A simple, robust & flexible purchase order module lets you manage items on order & track your purchases. Track the ordered and received the status of items on purchase orders.

Design and artwork management

EpicStitch was designed to help you manage your entire production process, including designs and art. Store ink and thread colors, screen details, thumbnail images, and more.

EpicStitch improves productivity and eliminates costly errors. This solution enhances order detail visibility with its ability to associate image files with each decoration and displays them on-screen during the production.

Easily auto-generated design number based on customer id and identifies garment specific colorway assignments.


Aspects of design and development

Store details on design and production for any job you run. Data can be recalled in the future or used on future orders. Never forget how you reran a job! In terms of actual decoration files, we leave all other competitors behind—options for choosing suggested thread options, thread colors, and visualization of products.

Design notes and the additional file is selecting options for collecting full information on the order. 'Copy to all' feature is available for time-saving in bulk orders. The design library organizes thousands of files for instantly finding and viewing all designs.


Workflow and task Management

Simple high-level workflow to easily manage your jobs and granular task flow to keep staff on-point.

Apply customized and simple tasks to your workflow process. Trigger automated emails and be proactive with your customers. Add individual studies or collections of functions to create custom workflows.

Simplify job management and improve communication and operational efficiency. Upload artwork, add comments, Access all updates (send to customer, approved by the customer, and send to production)

Vendor management

Work collaboratively with suppliers and improve efficiency. Send approved proofs direct to your vendor for outsourced production.

Search for everything- Look for any client, quotation, or date quickly and easily.

Design mockups - Send your customers a direct link to their mockups. Automatically show the sizes and colors of items associated with the design.

Production scheduling and tracking

EpicStitch is designed to be used on your production floor as much as your front-office. Dynamically schedule jobs based on your shop setup and production types.

Store production details and recall them easily for future runs. This allows you to track, set up, run time, and employee productivity for each job and historically—settings and scheduler options for the company's efficient performance.

24/ 7 customer support

Is one of the few companies to provide individual care with the essence of a small company with best practices and higher customer satisfaction levels.We have earned the reputation of providing reliable services as partner and service provider of some of the leading companies with long-term support and consistent success.


Easily facilitate the customization of the embroidery product through a simple online order entry process that removes the risk of error and the need for participation in customer service.

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Custom workflow for each decoration method

Simple, robust job sheets with all the information you need

Add notes and assign them to specific groups to keep everyone up to date

Store your artwork right in EpicStitch and brief your designer on what needs to be done.

Centralize your customer files and collaborate on what needs to be done in each department.

Nested purchase orders so you can handle multiple jobs on a single P.O.

Upload Artwork and brief the design seamlessly

Select all sizes and colors easily and quickly while quoting

Keep track of the progress of your quotes. Add comments and activities.

Download files or artwork directly from the portal

Send approved proofs direct to your vendor for outsourced production